Here’s to us Slow Starters..

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So, we’re already halfway through January. What have you achieved so far?

If you’re anything like me, the only achievement you will have made is finishing off the last of the Christmas junk food. I mean, I was doing myself a favour – I want to start eating healthier and I can’t do that with all these tubs of chocolates or tubes of pringles lying around. Better I eat them all now, so they won’t tempt me later… Right?!

For some people it seems easy to jump into a new year with new resolutions and start tackling them one by one. You see the twitter and instagram posts about how far they’ve come and everything they’ve managed to do that they could never have dreamed about this time last year. I actually really admire them for owning their year, taking control and making shit happen – they deserve all that hard earned happiness! But it can also be easy to compare and to put yourself down for not having your life together to such a degree.

There also seems to be a stigma against the “New year, new me!” mantra that pops up this time of year. The knee-jerk response seems to be severe eye rolling and heavy sighing. But what’s wrong with wanting to start the year with a clean slate? I for one am more than happy to leave the shit show that was 2017 behind and focus on making this a much better one.

Some of us just take a bit longer to get our shit together, and that’s ok!

We have to recognise that we all move at different paces. My best friend is a 100 mph kind of girl, a whirlwind of productivity and proactiveness that can can at times be intimidating. Me? I tend to meander along at a much slower pace, touching on things here and there but not quite getting round to everything I’d like. Neither way is necessarily Right or Wrong – both have their ups and downs. In this we balance each other out; She gives me a much needed kick up the backside, and I let her know when she needs to dial it back a bit.

What’s important is that us slow-starters recognise when we’re slipping into old habits, and make the effort to refocus. This year I’m not making any resolutions or goals. I know I won’t stick to them, and they will just act as negative reminders of small goals I never got round to. And the same goes for those proactive huns who can run themselves into the ground trying to tick off everything on their list – It’s ok to give yourself a breather now and then and time to just enjoy life!

I personally want this year to be about growth. I’m 25 and I still routinely hide my head in the sand when it comes to helping myself. I want to be healthier, to feel better in my mind and my body, and it’s time I stop avoiding and start taking a leaf out of my friends book. Sometimes being kind to yourself doesn’t just mean having a slice of cake or a bubble bath (let’s be honest, if that was true then that would mean I’m extremely kind to myself every day – maybe even too kind some days). Sometimes it’s finally booking that doctors appointment you’ve been putting off or admitting when you need a little help and support from others.

It takes time, but I have faith that we can do this… Eventually.



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