Low key, no pressure!

Photo by Samantha Guess via http://www.flickofthefinger.co.uk

Every now and then you come across an album that speaks to your current mindset/situation, and all you can do is sit back and marvel at how anyone could capture “it” so well.

For me, it was After Laughter. Paramore is a band I’ve grown up listening to – The first time I came across them was while waiting outside my first Panic at the Disco gig at the tender age of 13, where a Fueled by Ramon rep handed me their first EP. They’ve seen me through my awkward emo phase, and as I’ve grown up and started to figure out who I am, they’ve gone through a similar transformation.

I’m now 25 and (as I’ll tell anyone who will listen) in the midst of my quarter life crisis. I’ve felt a little bit lost at times and like I’m frantically trying to catch up and figure out what I want from life before time runs out. As it turns out, almost every other twenty-something I know feels the same way.

After Laughter summed up these feelings for me, and put them against music that made me want to dance all my troubles away – something I actually did do with my friend when we went to go see them at the O2 recently. I think for both of us it ended up being quite a cathartic experience! By the end of the night I think we both felt a little bit lighter.

So here it is. It’s not for everyone, but for me it’s an album that’s helped me get through these last few months and given me a bit of upbeat realness – maybe it can give you something to dance to this week and keep you going until the weekend (or if you work in retail like I do, keep you going until your day off midweek!!)

In their words “Low key, no pressure – just hang with me and my weather!”


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