Celebrating anxiety


Anxiety can be a lot of shitty things.

It can make you feel like an absolute nutcase, who is totally not in control of their own mind and body. It can paralyse you with fear at the most inconvenient moments. It can wake you in the middle of the night and press down hard on your chest. It can feel like a constant battle in your mind – you’re at war with yourself.

But do you know what – I am so fricken proud to be of the anxious variety.

You should be to, and here’s why…

My over sensitive nature means I am totally great at understanding other people’s emotions. I can sense every sad person going within a 50 mile radius. It’s like my gift. I can tell the second something is off with someone, and not only that – I will give my all to make that person better. Heck – even if someone is happy, I can hone in on that and join in with the love.

I’m mindful (probably too mindful) so that means I know how to be very respectful towards someone’s personality. I can tell what makes people tick, and what doesn’t. I can easily get along in any social situation. I know when it’s ok to joke and when it isn’t. I know how to be appropriate, but I also know when it’s ok to let go and have fun. It’s so important to be able to pick up on someone’s vibe and social cues, and whilst some people might find this difficult – to me, it’s like a sixth sense.

I love having plans in place, so I am great at organising. You fancy a day out in London? Great! I can look up lots of cool bars that will be to your liking, and I can book tables, figure out timings and make sure the day will run smoothly. I literally love planning, and tailoring things to what people want. It’s your birthday coming up? I’ll book us a table at your favourite restaurant, and make sure your birthday gift is like totally you. Don’t worry – if you’re hanging out with me – I got it covered.

I understand what it feels like to be at rock bottom. I’ve lived and breathed it. So I’m here to help. If you need someone to listen to you – I’ll be that girl. If you want advice – I got it! I literally think there is nothing better we can do with our time on Earth – than love and support each other. I feel like there’s a reason we go through everything – and my struggles with mental health have this incredible silver lining that I can go on and help others. I can empathise. I will love you no matter what, and I will never give up on you.

So – now that I’ve blown my own trumpet – I want you all to think about what’s good about you.

Just because anxiety is a part of who you are – doesn’t mean it’s all bad.

You deserve to be celebrated.

Peace out.

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