Happy International Women’s Day!

I’m lucky to have grown up with so many inspirational women in my life, that I’ve always known being a woman doesn’t effect my worth.

My mother – the most incredible human I know. She embodies resilience. Despite growing up with in incurable illness, she has woken up everyday and thrown herself into life. Not only has she battled with her own health and body, she has fought hard to raise a child through hardships such as poverty, homelessness and single living. Mumma – I love ya! There were so many times in life you could’ve given up, thrown a strop and called it a day – and yet you endured and you loved and you made the most wonderful life.

My step mum – what an incredible woman. Not only was I blessed with one amazing mother, I hit the jackpot and I got two. Never have I known such an understanding and caring woman. A woman who has shown me that it is okay to be in touch with your feelings, and doing so – doesn’t mean you cannot pursue a life which is successful in terms of the home, education and work. There is nothing I love more than having inspiring and educated chats over a glass of wine with this woman – and I love her endlessly. She is still my mother even though she didn’t birth me.

I’m also incredibly lucky that these women have built such an understanding and caring relationship. They hold so much respect for each other, and understand their importance in their roles in my life.

Women should build each other up – not break each other down.

I have the most incredible group of female friends around me. Every single one of them wants the best for me. They cheer me on. They build me up. They love me with all that they have. This connection is simply incredible, and I wouldn’t be half the person I am now without them.

Despite this, I have obviously endured several hardships for purely being a woman. I have been groped, Cat called and viewed as a lesser person because of my gender.

But today is not about the misogynistic men and women of the world. Today is not about the people that do not believe in equality. Today is about women. About celebrating them.

So whilst I won’t be sharing my #metoo story today. They do exist. Their memories hurt. They are very real.

Today I am focusing on being female. I am celebrating myself and my fellow girl gang.

Women of the world – you are complex, interesting, intelligent, beautiful, funny, talented and pure. You deserve respect and love. I’m here to give it to ya!

Never underestimate your worth.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Peace out.


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