Motivational Mantra

All I need is within me

I honestly think that words can soothe the soul – so I’m deciding to live by little mantra’s that inspire me.

The first time I saw this particular phrase, it moved me to tears. Dramatic – I know. But it was so reassuring and comforting, to see six little words hold so much power. It resonated within me and filled me with reassurance.

I have found that my journey of therapy, has not actually been about being ‘fixed’ by another – it is about reflecting on who you are, championing this, and unlocking your own strength.

My therapist often speaks about us having a child version and an adult version of ourselves, and how as we grow – we learn to live with these two beings in harmony.

I’ve decided to explain this via metaphor – so bear with me…


Imagine yourself as a beautifully delicate, funny, intelligent, witty, successful and charming yada yada yada… paper doll. Each doll is cut from the same paper, each doll is connected, and each doll is you.

Every hardship in your life, every life event or milestone, every moment that causes you to grow and change, creates a newer and updated version of yourself – a new paper doll, a doll to add to the chain – we spend our lives learning and evolving, we were not born to stay the same.

Whilst each paper doll (hopefully) becomes older and wiser, it’s important to remember where we came from – that everything we have ever been, comes with us on our journey.

You would not be who you are today – if it was not for who you had been before.

For me personally – whenever I am faced with fear and anxiety – the newest version of myself crumples – it hasn’t been around that long. The new adult within me, is not yet established enough to stay strong in the face of difficulties – so it collapses and leaves the stronger, tougher, more resilient but younger version of myself to pick up the pieces. Paper Doll #2 out of 3, may represent a childish version of myself – but she is fierce. She is the doll that faced traumatic experiences, she is the doll that had to spend her life dusting herself off and carrying on – she’s my go to. I’m bloody proud of her.

Unfortunately – as strong and stubborn as the ‘younger me’ may be – ‘younger me’ is not very wise, or calm, or patient – basically she’s wild and probably very annoying. Whilst it is not her job to carry any of those mature traits that come with time – I cannot rely on what she represents alone to get through life. I need all of me.

You would not be who you are today – if it was not for who you had been before.

It’s important to remember that everything you are is important.

Everything you have ever been, and everything you are at this very moment – is essential in your existence.

When you fold the paper doll back in to itself – when you have collected the different phases in to one – you are left with a whole person. A person you should be very proud of.

So, when you’re feeling totally off your game, when you feel like anxiety is creeping in, when you feel powerless or afraid – take a moment to relax and collect yourself. Collect all the parts of you that have ever been.

If you remember that you always carry all of you – you will never forget that all you will ever need, is within you.

You are a miracle.

Peace out.


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  1. I’d say that is one of your best blogs love! I get it, I get it, I get it! So self explanatory and so true.
    Love you lots and so proud of all of you ❤️;❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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