Something that is getting on my wick


Anxiety is a disorder.

It is not just a label for a ‘normal’ brain that gets sad on a bi yearly basis.

It isn’t just a panic – resolved by the reading of a quote you scroll past on Pinterest.

Where is acceptance?

The 100% acceptance.

The acceptance that goes beyond a nod or a like.

Beyond an empty “I understand”.

Where’s the sympathy?

The empathy?

The care for the good and the bad?

Anxiety is not romantic.

It is not just soft tears. A solemn face.

It is not just the inability to talk. Or breathe.

It isn’t silent.

Nothing about it is silent.

Fear is only the half of it.

It is anger.

It is happiness and confusion.

It is up and down all at once.

It can be loud and ugly.

It is believing you are always right. The negative is always right.

It is intense. So intense.

Anxiety is powerful.

Yin and yang.

Kindness and love meets worries and being pissed off.

An explosion of everything you could ever imagine.

Do not only love me when I’m beautiful – a gentle mess. The damsel in distress.

Ugliness needs more love than you could ever imagine.

Could you imagine?

Peace out.


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