Tiredness can kill (your vibe)

We all know that tiredness isn’t great for driving, productivity and concentration – but what else can it affect?

Tiredness is my number one trigger for kicking off a nasty spell of the worries.

Now, most people are aware that anxiety in itself can be quite tiring. It is legit exhausting having a brain that works a million miles an hour – and of course, physical anxiety attacks can drain all energy from your body. But sometimes it can be tiredness that kicks off the wonderful negative cycle of this disorder.

If you’re anything like me – and you love to google any symptoms or illnesses you are currently experiencing (why do we do this to ourselves?!) then you’ll know that having a good nights sleep, seems to be the cure for so many issues.

Poor skin? – sleep
Poor immune system? – sleep
Struggling to revise ? – sleep
Sore muscles? – sleep

A lack of sleep impacts our body in so many ways – from messing with our hormones, to not allowing our body the time to heal and recharge. So it’s a no wonder, that getting enough z’s is a crucial part of our self care regime.

(I’ll save the science, to the scientists – but you can read a report here and here.)

I can literally pin point so many times in my life where my anxiety has been brought on by my own decisions so stay up late and binge watch TV – leaving myself waking up cranky and annoyed. And then, I don’t even want to think about how many times I’ve had the hangover blues… was the cray cray weekend even worth the aftermath?

This is something I’ve only just noticed in myself, but I can now take the right steps moving forward to avoid putting myself through any unnecessary stress – by actually looking after myself properly.

Heavy weekend coming up? I’ll make sure I have a chilled week in the run up and the recovery. Busy week at work? I’ll use the weekends either side as ‘chill-out’ bookends, so that I can hold myself together.

Just as I can’t make mature and sensible decisions food shopping whilst hungry, I sure as hell cannot get through the day – making good life decisions, and containing my emotions if I haven’t got my 6-9 hours.

Of course – if you are someone with anxiety, sleep may not come naturally to you. Bedtime, may be the time of day you hate – because it’s when all your irrational thoughts and fears come out to play – but it’s important to work hard on your sleep routine – if you want to refrain from becoming an angry toddler who woke up from their nap on the wrong side of the crib… (haha not like me at all…)

So, how can I sleep better?

  1. Stick to a routine – obviously weekends tend to blow all regularity out the window, but during the week – try and keep things regular
  2. Have a nice bedtime routine – if it’s good for babies, it’s good for me – enjoy a nice bath, avoid stressful tv shows, read a book, smell some lavender, meditate etc etc – just do anything nice and chill to help your brain wind down
  3. Stop panicking that you can’t sleep – even just resting is good for your body – these things take time – Rome wasn’t build in a day
  4. Start writing a worry journal – dump all your thoughts out so they’re not whirring around in your head – obviously, be wary of the time you do this – if doing this just before bed is going to set you off – do it earlier
  5. Take up writing to-do lists – write down everything you need to do the following day so you can switch off and pick everything back up tomorrow – I live by this!
  6. Avoid napping – I love a good nap – but if your body isn’t tiring again before bedtime, try and power through
  7. Keep your room nice and tidy – ‘eye noise’ as I like to call it, is bad for zen – make your bedroom a haven – it should be only be a place for sleep and certain ~bedtime~ activities

Enjoy sleeping xo


Peace out


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