A letter to heaven

How lucky we are to be graced with love in the form of friendships. A relationship not based on lust, but companionship.

How beautiful it is – when people hold on to one another, for fun, memories, laughter, trust and life.

Love endures all – and you are still loved, still loved every second of the day – and will be, until the end of time.

Two incredible souls. Two incredible people.

Nothing loved is ever lost.

What an honour it is, to have ever been a part of someone else’s life. Someone kind, dear, lovely. Someone silly, funny, joyous.

You are in every sunrise and every sunset. In the rain drops that fall from the sky – washing away the old. In the wind that holds the power to be gentle or fierce; that causes the Earth to stir.

You are in every smile of every life you have ever touched. In the crackle of laughter that swells inside tummies and escapes with surprise- filling the world with warmth and happiness.

You are in every heart you have ever known. And there you will stay, held tightly and cherished – always.

I can hear you coming

Heaven helped you coming

I believe in heaven it’s a wait away

Did you learn just how I loved you?

Did you see how far I’d been?

Would you meet me in an hour?

I could tell you what I’ve seen

What I’ve seen

Johnny Flynn – Cold Bread


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