The power of the pooch

Anyone who knows me – knows I’m 110% obsessed with my dog. And of course – I think my dog is the best dog in the world.

Me and my pup have spent 6 snuggly years together – and he’s brightened up my life in so many ways.

His middle-ages, have caused him to lose all respect and niceness towards other fluff balls. Yet, no matter what – he has the biggest heart going for me, my hubby and everyone we love.

My pooch would happily spend every second of the day snuggled up in between me and my beau. Nothing makes him happier than just being with us, and giving us love.

He adores giving out kisses, bringing people toys, and he’s mastered the art of going round and sitting on everyone’s lap in turn – so that everyone feels loved and wanted.

He’s just the dream.

Alfalfa can sense every single time my mood drops, and every single time my anxiety heightens. He’s there – even before you realise you need him.

My lovable little side kick follows me everywhere. My adorable shadow. He wants to love us whether we’re out and about (and he’s got the ability to run and be free), or just chilling at home.

When I had been brought home from hospital – and was still super poorly, he offered his time and cuddles – checking up on me most frequently. I can now no longer take a bath, without him setting himself up on the bath mat – peeping up to check in with me every now and then.

Whenever anxiety hits, and my heartbeat goes haywire and my breathing goes to shit – you can bet your bottom dollar that he’ll be there.

And he extends this love to everyone he meets. If we love you – he loves you.

I know that there’s science behind stroking animals and a reduction of stress. But there’s something so magical about my own little therapy dog.

Doggies are the best xo

Peace out.

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