Reaching out to your ‘strong friends’


There has been many a ‘serious meme’ doing the rounds lately about reaching out to others. And many more focused on reaching out to your strong friends.


I thoroughly endorse this.

I think it is important to reach out to everyone. Mental health disorders can be so crippling, that it can feel ridiculously impossible for someone to ask for the help they deserve. Whilst I would strongly advise anyone who is struggling, to speak out – and seek the help, love and care from their nearest and dearest – sometimes this can be beyond difficult and feel impossible.

Many people suffering with mental illness are struggling within their own minds, and are constantly faced with negative thoughts in their head. Thoughts telling them they’re stupid, not good enough, an attention seeker, ugly, a time wasted: basically – not fucking good. Then add on the fear of the stigma they may be subjected to, the fear of the embarrassment or shame that they could potentially face.

Not everyone is lucky enough to be surrounded by educated, patient and loving people. Not everyone feels like they are in a safe enough environment to reach out for the help. Not everyone knows how to reach out.

Be the person someone else needs.

Be the person to reach out.

Whilst I feel we are beginning to raise awareness for mental health – not everyone is aware of what this looks like.

Mental health issues may not always be painfully obvious.

Check on your strong friends too.

Your friends that are always there for everyone else – leaving little time aside for themselves. Your friends that ask about you – to avoid having to reveal what they’re going through. Your friends that are hard workers – that are determined but burning out. Your friends that lead busy lives – that are distracting themselves from their own body and mind. Your friends with ‘glorious’ social media feeds – that are trying to show the world they’re okay. Your friends that are always smiling – because they just don’t want to be a burden.

Your friends that look like they’re killing it.

They might just not be.

Ask them for a coffee. Ask them for a night in. Ask them for a drink. Ask them to dinner. Ask them to the cinema. Ask them for a chat. Ask them if they need space. Ask them if they need to vent. Ask them if they’ve spent any time focusing on themselves lately. Ask them if they want to laugh. Ask them if they need to cry. Ask them about their life before they get side tracked with the pressures of the rest of the world.

Ask them what they need.

Reassure them that someone is there.

That someones noticed them.

That you’ll love them, even if they’re not ‘the strong friend’.

Help change someones life.

Spread the love.

Peace out.

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