Self care or selfish


The world of social media has gone self care crazy.

Everyone seems to be ditching the chores, ordering a takeaway and sipping a vino, in the name of ‘balance’ = quite frankly, I’m here to call bullshit.

Of course – self care is about relaxing and having a good old treat – but that’s not all it is.

Self care isn’t about being selfish, or rewarding yourself for purely being inconvenienced.

Self care is about nourishing your mind and body without the help of a doctor. It is about having the maturity and patience to listen to what your soul needs in order to heal, recover, find balance – and giving yourself that. Of course, this does mean prioritising your own needs over others every now and then, but it is not a green card to be an A-hole.

Self care is going to be different for everyone.

If you’re someone whose stress levels are slowly burning away at your energy and well being – you need to take some time out to just be. Whether that’s turning off your emails when you get home from work, not signing yourself up to a million and one social events, going for a walk, finding a hobby, or practising breathing techniques to stimulate a sense of calm.

If you’re someone who struggles to get out and about or tackle chores when your mental health takes over – your self care might look slightly different. It might involve you writing a realistic chores list and sticking to it, it might be making that dreaded dentist appointment, or it could be that you buy a sweet smelling shampoo to help make taking care of yourself that little bit more pleasant.

Self care is so personal, and so vital – but only when we ‘use’ it properly.

Self care is also taking an honest look at ourselves and being brave enough to figure out what we need to work on. Does your anxiety trigger anger towards others? Apologise. Find a way to reflect on what happened. Have you been avoiding your work load or deadlines? Speak up and ask for help. Give yourself a pep talk and figure out your first step forward. Have you been eating loads of junk food to try and soothe your emotions? Think about what nutrients your body needs to fuel a healthy and happy day. Take it one meal at a time! Is your body clock all over the shop? Set yourself a regular bedtime. Come up with a nice relaxing bedtime routine. Put away the phone / tablet / computer and understand the importance of sleep.

No one is perfect. I’m sure we all have something we need to work on. But you’re pretty damn close to perfection – in my eyes – if you have the guts to become a better human being.

Self care can be so empowering. Let’s make sure we do it justice.


Peace out.


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