Okay, so how do I self care then?


Here are some of my top self-care tips!

  1. Cleaning! Yes, annoying I know. Whilst the art of putting on a load doesn’t make me feel very –namaste– knowing that the washing basket is empty, and that the dirty dishes have been cleaned – helps to also clean my mind. Whilst I don’t recommend spending hours a day bleaching your house to within an inch of it’s life – set an hour or two aside a week which you can dedicate on keeping your living area just that – liveable. You’ll be surprised by just how much calmer you feel from having a lovely area to just chill out in.
  2. Turn off the phone. Whilst I thoroughly enjoy scrolling through IG, and I don’t think I am consciously affected by what I see (why am I also not in Mykonos and skinny like Lucy Watson?!), my brain is not supposed to keep up with the processing speed of the latest iOS update twenty four sevs. Emails, comments, likes, game updates – our phones are one push notification away from turning into an incredibly annoying PA, with a lack of boundaries. Give your brain a breather – you have no idea how hard you’re working it, because sadly – 24/7 information is our new reality. Press pause. Just breathe.
  3. Be kind to yourself and speak to yourself often. – Check in with yourself – whether it’s in the morning, or after work, before bed or all three! Are you asking too much of yourself? Could you be a bit more pro-active? You are the voice that you hear often, so make it one worth listening to. Don’t be afraid to set tome time aside to actually talk to yourself properly and connect with who you are – even if it’s just for 5 minutes!
  4. Savour little treats.  – Are you noticing the dinner you’re eating or are you too engrossed in the TV to experience the sensation? Have you swanned around in your new ASOS dress, admiring your body for how it is (love every body), or simply checked your order fit then put it away and moved on to the next item? Make sure you give yourself a little treat that you savour – and savour fully. Self care is not about justifying a big shopping spree on your credit card, or eating an entire cake – but it sure as hell is about letting yourself enjoy. Get excited about the jacket potato you’re making after work. Get excited about your new coconut hand cream (which you’ve bought because your hands are cracking and sore from allllll the washing up). Get excited about jumping into a freshly made bed with dreamy smelling sheets. We have five senses, so don’t be afraid to savour the little moments with all of them.
  5. Positivity and gratitude. – “What can I be thankful for today?” Even if we have had the worst day in the world, it is good practice to start noticing and celebrating the tiny victories that the day has had. Whether it’s something small: getting to work on time, feeling okay, having something nice for lunch, or something bigger: a promotion, seeing a friend, getting a compliment. The more we spend time appreciating the goodness that comes out of life, the more we are training our brain to look for it automatically! Plus – who doesn’t like thinking about nice things?


Whilst this list is not exhaustive, I hope you can see that there is more to self care than taking a bubble bath!

Peace out.



  1. Thanks for writing this! I hadn’t considered no.3 – I mean I meditate (or try to) on a daily basis so maybe that counts? I don’t know. Though I can definitely agree with the idea of cleaning your room (both literally and metaphorically!) being a great way to hold back those inner demons


    1. Meditation definitely counts! Anything that connects you with your own mind is so healing in any form. You’re very welcome! I hope this is helpful! I definitely think a nice organised living area is the best place to start making some sense of your mind and soothing yourself x

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