Everyday I’m shufflin’ – why I’m buying in to Feng Shui

2018-07-21 11:15:20.534

You can’t have a clear mind – if you don’t have a clear space to be present in.

When my husband and I, moved into a new home on a cold but sunny Friday in October – I was adamant we would have moved in, unpacked, and got the place picture perfect by the Sunday Evening. My brain could not even comprehend that I could go to work on Monday and resume a normal life, knowing that my home was in chaos.

I know, I know – I sounded like an impatient millennial drama queen. However, whilst some people may be able to function whilst moving around unpacked boxes because they know they *just* moved in – I don’t work like that hunnay.

My brain just doesn’t switch off. So there’s no way in hell I can ‘netflix and chill’ until all the spoons are put away, my 2348384578 candles are stored nicely in a cute little box, and everything has been de-boxed and given its forever spot, within my home.

In true ‘all or nothing’ stylee – the house was unpacked, and pinterest ready by the Sunday night. The all nighters, and sweating up a storm had paid off. Life in our new home could begin…

However, as beautiful and special our home was – my eagerness to have everything spot on, meant I was absolutely deaf to hearing, blind to seeing and ignorant of thinking – that our home could possibly be laid out any differently.

Do I love moving my countless nick-nacks around? Sure! Do I love having a splurge and getting rid of boxes of clothes and piled up receipts to feel like I have a grip on my life? Hell yeah! Did I have any idea just how much the layout of our living space was getting me down? Not. At. All.

2018-07-26 14:53:11.439

Nine months later, and my 6 weeks off work was looming. To be honest – I was petrified. I just could not comprehend enjoying that amount of time off work – but why? (More on this here)

I thought about what I did on my time alone – and to be honest, it was depressing. After the novelty of moving out and nailing twenty-something life had worn off, my down-time in my wonderful home was becoming seriously depressing.

Come home from work. Clean. Read in bed alone. Sleep.

No wonder the summer holidays weren’t so holi-yay.

But why the fuck was this the case? I am someone who understands the importance of self care, and enjoying being present – but it’s shocking how hard this is to do, when you don’t have anywhere to do so.

Now, don’t get me wrong – our house has never been a pig-sty. My husband will tell you first hand that I have a zero tolerance to mess: clothes go in the washing basket or are put away – not on the floor (I think this message may have gotten lost somewhere in his brain). The house has always had order. The ‘chores’ have always been done. But it never felt like an open space.

So – we moved the sofa – and it’s changed my life. For real.

Our living area may have felt cosy and cute in the winter – but once the warm fuzziness of Christmas was over – it was just a claustrophobic flat-pack nightmare.

We now have floor space – and whilst we may no longer be teens and need room for activities (*cough* choreographing dances to Britney *cough*) it’s just bloody well nice to look at.

I now come home, and enjoy being in my living area.

I am now enjoying living.

Insufferable hipster twat print available here.

So – all in all – I thoroughly recommend you try organising your space to help give your mind a bit of calm.

Here are my top tips:

  1. Keep your curtains open and windows clear – natural light is your friend.
  2. Utilise storage, or get some good storage – a cluttered space can wreak havoc on your mind, even subconsciously. You can even do this by just putting bits and bobs away in a nice box or by using under-bed boxes. Your brain can finally focus on you, rather than scanning the room (and seeing 21 pairs of earrings, three books you’ve been leant that you haven’t read yet, your unopened bills that you must get round to filing, the random cable you haven’t decided you still need or not…seriously – what does it charge?!…)
  3. Open up your space – whilst you might not need the floor space to take up break dancing – you’re going to feel more open and relaxed than closed and boxed in.
  4. Use candles / fragrance – find a smell that soothes your senses, whether it’s fresh of fruity. Let that scent welcome you home and lift your spirits when you enter a room. Give yourself a positive association.

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