Christmas time, anxiety and wine

The most magical time of the year is upon us. It’s Christmas Eve Eve and everyone is buzzing and full of the Christmas spirit and high hopes for the new year.

I love Christmas – I’m lucky that I get a 2 week break, I have family to see and can afford to cook a feast for the ones I love. I’m grateful for that and it’s something I cherish as not everyone has that luxury.

Christmas was once a time that people celebrated the birth of Jesus and since then it has evolved over time and grown monumental. Beautiful yes, but overwhelming at times.

For me – Christmas is not a religious holiday – but a time to be with family and to give and be kind. For others it may not feel this loving.

The party seasons brings on great pressures to buy the best gifts, see everyone you possibly can, plan as many social outings as possible, appear happy and joyful at every given minute of December and then – you guessed it – nail the best New Year’s Eve ever (another gripe for another day).

Some of you may be working, studying, caring for others. Your break times may be spent scrolling through social feeds and wishing you were brunching or attending a Christmas function rather than working your arse off.

Some of you may be dreading spending time with people who, although they share your DNA, do not share your values, morals of sense of love.

Some of you may find Christmas overwhelming. A time where you may remember those no longer with us. A time you feel pressured into reflecting on your year. A time where you feel you cannot match up to the high expectations set by society, others or yourself.

I’m traditionally an up tight Christmas freak. I’ve always felt I must do certain things every year for my Christmas to be a success: winter wonderland, seeing Christmas lights, going to the cinema, buying certain food, attending Christmas social events…


Our self worth is not based upon how many Christmas things you can tick off a list.

No ones checking.

Social media isn’t real.

I for one am fucking knackered and so this year you’ll find me on my sofa.

I hope that for anyone who shudders at the thought of Christmas, you can find happiness in whatever you decide brings you joy.

I hope you can find the strength to take some time out for self care and love. Cancel plans you don’t need. Make time for ones you do.

I hope you feel cherished and know that gifts are not what makes the world go round – it’s you and all that makes you wonderful.

We must value what we have without worrying that each holiday season needs to be the whole package.

Make Christmas whatever you need it to be.

Write your own rules.

Make your own traditions.

Love the ones you hold dear and remember to love who you are.

Merry Christmas.


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