Jester Jacobs

I haven’t listened to this album by Jester Jacobs, since my days of freezing it home from uni on the 183 from Golders Green – but I’m thoroughly glad I found it again.

Music has always made people feel a range of emotions – and I’m no different. However, I’ve always found words much more appealing. Nothing brings goosebumps about quicker than a satisfying selection and ordering of words. I stumbled across Jester Jacobs on Twitter back in the day – and got both!

Now I’m very aware that my taste in music is somewhat questionable, and I genuinely have no idea what the readers of HGH are into – but I just wanted to share something that filled me with nostalgia.

The start of any new year is overwhelming – and often leaves me sinking a Pinot in the bath whilst wishing the first day back to work was a training day (adults needs weening in too…) Why not remind yourself of a song, story, film, item or clothing, food or time that made you feel good?

This album kept me company during many an awkward phase of teen life and honestly – just made everything less shit. It made me laugh, think, move – and that’s what I want to embrace in 2019.

Don’t save the throwbacks for Thursdays.

Spend time doing what you like.

Spend time enjoying your life (if you feel you can) in any way you can.



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